SQV - Style, Quality, Value

SQV It's what makes our homes unique

At Lovell we believe your home should be more than about the right place at the right price. It should also reflect your personality and traits.

That’s why every Lovell home has Style, Quality and Value (or SQV as we call it) built-in from the start, making your new home somewhere you’ll be proud to call your own.


Inspiring Style

A Lovell home is well-known for contemporary design and featuring the latest in stylish fixtures and fittings, but that’s not all. With the Lovell Inspirations range you can add all sorts of extras to make it truly your own.


Unrivalled Quality

We are particularly proud of the superior specification and workmanship every one of our properties offers, with a rigorous attention to detail you’ll simply love.


Exceptional Value

But most of all you’ll love how surprisingly affordable and easy to own a Lovell home can be, especially with the range of purchase options available.