Green Additions

Lovell Homes is committed not only to building sustainable houses but to building sustainable communities.

We always strive to be imaginative and innovative, always placing community and environmental considerations at the top of our agenda. We are involved in a wide range of community engagement projects aimed at strengthening the bonds between residents old and new.

Local employment

Where possible, we always try to employ local people, and we regularly take on local apprentices who go on to have long and successful careers. The economic boost we are able to provide can often be the catalyst which sparks a community back to into life.

In addition, we work with local schools in order to introduce pupils to the possibilities of a career in construction, as well as hosting talks and demonstrations to convey the importance of site safety.

Consultation with the community

Consultation with the local community begins a long time before we begin working on a development. It’s important to us that our new developments become a beneficial part of the wider community, so our Resident Liaison Officers spend time with those who live in close proximity to the development, getting them involved in planning and design issues.

Local community projects

Our work within communities goes much further than just the occasional school visit. We get involved with local projects and sponsor local good causes, such as fitting out a community centre or providing a new football pitch. If there is a way we can make a community stronger, prouder and more likely to thrive in years to come, the we won’t think twice about doing it.

Lovell community garden

Leaving a lasting legacy…