Top 10 Small Living Room Ideas

27th Apr, 2016

Making a small space look bigger and feel more spacious is all about optical illusion. By using clever techniques and tricks of the eye you can bring a real sense of space and openness to your living room, making it the perfect place to relax, whatever its dimensions.

Give our top ten small living room ideas a try and see just how much space you can create.

1. Lights walls

It goes without saying that dark coloured walls tend to make a room feel more enclosed and small. The opposite effect is that white or light coloured walls will naturally brighten up your living room by reflecting more light around it leading the eye to perceive more space.

2. Hang oversized mirrors

A large mirror over a fireplace or opposite a window can trick the eye into thinking that your living room is larger than it really is. Oversized mirrors allow for the maximum light reflection and add a dramatic centrepiece to the room.

10 Tips to Make your Living Room Look Bigger

3. Dual purpose design

Clever use of space is a must when trying to make your living room look bigger. Choose pieces of furniture that are dual purpose such as an ottoman than can be used as an additional seat in your living room as well as for hiding away small items that would otherwise be cluttering your surfaces. Box clever with decorative storage boxes that look smart but have a hidden use.

4. Choose the right curtains

If you prefer your living room windows bedecked with curtains then opt for a lighter colour to blend in with walls and ceiling. This will cause the eye to see a continuous block of colour giving the impression of a larger space. No window coverings at all will give the maximum feeling of space making your living room look bigger.

10 Tips to Make your Living Room Look Bigger

5. Pull furniture away from the wall

Sounds simple but this top tip works wonders. Pull your living room sofas away from the wall and see how much space you appear to have.  The same applies for bookcases and tables too.

6. Use large ornaments

Remember your nan’s little living room, full of ornaments and knick-knacks? Lose the trinkets. Opt for large ornaments no smaller than a cantaloupe melon and keep them to a minimum. Leaving exposed surfaces reflects light and gives a feeling of openness in your living room.

7. Use furniture with exposed legs

In order to let as much light into and around your living room, selecting sofas and other furniture pieces with exposed and raised legs will let light circulate accentuating the natural space available.

8. Remove clutter

With clever solutions available like ottomans and console tables, and your trinkets cut down to a minimum, there should be no excuse for clutter. Clutter is one of the main elements that will cause your living room to look cramped and crowded instead of spacious and serene. We’ve got lots of tips on how to declutter your home to make it easy for you.

9. Colour coding

Being colour savvy is the key to making the most of the space in your living room. Keeping walls and ceilings light or white, but using slightly different shades such as apple white or nutmeg white, gives the impression of depth. With walls, trim and ceiling in slightly differing shades of the same colour, the eyes will see more space. As well as curtains in a similar colour, sofas and other furniture in light colours will extend the perception of light. Furniture that lets lights through it, such as clear Perspex console tables, are perfect.
10 Tips to Make your Living Room Look Bigger

10. Lay striped rugs

Long, long, long! This is what a striped rug in your living room will look like. Long stripes will draw the eye all the way along making it feel as though the room just goes on and on. The larger the rug the better.

Once you have perfected the art of spaciousness within your living room, check that other areas that are visible from or lead into the living room are also following the rules, this will give an overall impression of space both in and around your living room.

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