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15th Mar, 2017

Discover our top 10 home cleaning tips and cleaning hacks to keep your home looking it’s best and make cleaning difficult areas simple. From novel uses for toothpaste and condiments, to getting indents out of your carpet, find fantastic cleaning life hacks to leave your home spotless.

1. Use toothpaste to clean

Toothpaste is a very mild abrasive that is designed to foam up, making it excellent for cleaning difficult surfaces. If you have children who enjoy colouring, then you can use toothpaste to easily get rid of marker pen stains on wood. You can also use it to shine up taps and bathroom fixtures as it’s able to easily buff away residue for a picture-perfect bathroom.

2. Use baking soda to clean and deodorise

Baking soda is something that everyone has lying around, and it can be a life-saver in getting you home presentable. One of the best uses is to get rid of bad odours as it can easily absorb and neutralise these: simply sprinkle onto an item such as a dog bed, leave for 15 minutes, and then vacuum up and it the bad smells should be history. Or prevent musty smells in closets by putting a small amount in an open pot to neutralise smells before they form. You can also use baking soda as a gentle cleaner, if your children have scribbled on painted walls then just add some to a damp sponge and scrub lightly and your paint should be pristine in no time.

3. Use lemons to clear smells and stains or to clean a microwave

Use the cut side of half a lemon on a chopping board or wooden countertop to get rid of food stains and lingering smells. If you have stubborn stains, then sprinkle table salt or baking soda across the board before using the lemon. You can also easily clean a microwave by chopping up a lemon into a bowl of water and turning it on high until the door appears to steam. Leave it alone for 15 minutes before opening, and you’ll be able to simply wipe away any gunk or mess inside the microwave.

4. Keep windows and mirrors streak-free with vinegar and coffee filters

Glass can be tricky to keep looking perfect as any residue of your cleaner can leave streaks. A top tip to avoid this is to finish your clean using a mix of water with a tablespoon or two of white vinegar. Simply squirt this onto your windows or mirrors and wipe away with a microfibre cloth for a perfect finish. If you don’t have a microfibre cloth, then in a pinch you can use coffee filters on small areas such as mirrors as they can also give a streak-free finish.

5. Easily pick up dog hair with a rubber glove

Dog hair can get everywhere, and often it’s simply not practical to use a lint roller to clean it all up. However, it’s actually incredibly easy to pick up dog hair with damp rubber gloves – simply run your hands over places it accumulates and watch as it sticks to the gloves. This is a fantastically convenient tip as you can give your home a quick once over every time you do the dishes.

6. Use condiments to clean plant leaves and copper

Plants are a great way to bring some vibrancy and life into your home, but if left to their own devices broad leaves can gather dust and detract from the look of your rooms. You can easily wipe away this accumulated dust with using warm water and a drop of dish soap, but a top tip is that you can actually use mayo to shine the leaves. Professional florists use this trick to make their plants look super attractive and you can easily do this too with a just a drop of mayo per large leaf and a dry cloth. Amazingly you can also use ketchup to clean your copper. Copper can easily tarnish and go green, but you can keep this at bay with just a little ketchup and keep your copper highlights or pans shining brightly.



7. Fix scratches on wood using a walnut

Wooden furniture can look fantastic in any home, so it can be incredibly frustrating if you accidentally leave a prominent scratch. So why not try fixing these using a walnut? First make sure you have de-shelled your walnut fully, then rub it in circles over the scratch. Leave for five to ten minutes to let the oils sink in then just wipe down with a dry cloth. While not perfect, this is a great way to make scratches look less obvious and give a boost to any woodwork.

8. Use Vodka to clean porcelain and crystal

Finally, a use for the leftover dregs of that bottle of vodka that’s lived at the back of your cupboard for the last few years. Simply soaking some vodka into a soft clean cloth will let you polish porcelain and crystal to a perfect shine. This is great for ornaments as well as to give your bathroom porcelain a refresh, and once you’ve finished cleaning you can always have a cocktail as a reward.

9. Keep away mud by doubling up on doormats

Almost everyone has a doormat but if you only have one then you are missing a trick. Use an external doormat to get rid of mud and use and internal doormat to help dry off boots and shoes to really reduce the amount of dirt in your home, Another top tip is to have a rack for shoes by your door, with all three you can nearly eliminate dirt from being tracked into your carpets.

10. Use an iron to get rid of indents in your carpet

If you’ve ever moved your furniture it’s almost inevitable that you’ll find indents in your carpet, but you can get rid of these simply and easily using steam from your iron. If you have a dedicated steamer then use that, otherwise simply hover your iron a few centimetres above the indent and press the burst button to let out a puff of steam. The steam should quickly get rid of your indents as the heat and humidity causes the fibres to expand and pull apart from each other.

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