Spare Room Ideas

6th Sep, 2016

If your spare room is feeling a little unloved and is sitting gathering dust, these spare room ideas will inspire you to make the most of this often under-utilised space in your home.

The key thing to consider before revamping and repurposing your spare room is to think about what is important to you and your family, as well as the things that you like or need to do whilst you are at home. By doing this you will ensure that it becomes a practical, enjoyable and useful space for all of you to enjoy.

Top 10 Spare Room Ideas 

  1. Home Office
    Even if you don’t work from home, there’s always some form of admin to be done. Give your back a break from using your laptop on the sofa and set yourself up with a dedicated home office. If you do work from home, having a dedicated office space will keep you focused and improve productivity and is a much better solution that working from the dining table, or corner of the living room where there are continual distractions. 
  2. Reading room
    Grab yourself a luxurious slice of noise-free time and settle down with your favourite book or magazine. Turn your spare room into a cosy reading nook and hang a do not disturb sign on the door so the family know not to interrupt your ‘me time’.
  3. Craft room
    Tired of picking bits of ribbon and card up off the table every time someone pops round for a coffee? Worse, missing bits of your latest project after it’s been snaffled away by an inquisitive toddler? Better, a room of your own to keep crafting in peace where you can finish just where you left off and shut the door if it gets a little messy.
  4. Home cinema
    Ideal for a night in, date night or somewhere to send the teenagers. Transform your spare room into a cinema room and keep the main TV free for whatever you prefer to watch.  Install a mini-fridge, popcorn maker, black-out blinds and surround-sound speakers and you have yourself the perfect go-to cinema room any time of day or night.
  5. Play room
    Turn your spare room into a child-friendly haven and relinquish your living room floor! Having a dedicated play room for your little ones’ toys, books and teddies is one of the most useful things you can do in your home. Utilise clever storage solutions and make sure everything has a place. Your children will love getting their own toys out to play with – the trick is to get them to put them all back of course but we can’t help with that sadly. Include a reading chair and small desk with chairs and they can also enjoy their favourite books and have a dedicated space for drawing, colouring and games too.
  6. Games room
    Dad’s or teenagers’ den or family competition zone, turn your spare room into a gaming paradise. Whether you prefer a physical challenge over a pool table or an electronic battle on the X-Box, or both, make this space the place to go to when you need to switch off from every-day stress and relax with the family.
  7. Dressing room
    When two wardrobes and a bedroom just don’t cut-it when you’re getting ready, we dream of a dedicated dressing room. Turn your spare room into a fashionista’s first port of call and equip it with a full-length mirror and a range of storage solutions to accommodate clothing as well as shoes, bags and outdoor wear and you will have the perfect dressing room solution. Easily select tomorrow’s outfit the night before so as to save time when getting ready for work or a social event the next day. Installing a backlit mirror will provide the perfect spot for prepping hair and make-up too.
  8. Music room
    Whether you prefer to play or listen, transform your spare room into a relaxing space where you can come up with your next masterpiece or simply plug-in and play. Add a disco ball and some decks and you won’t even need to leave to house next time you fancy a dance.
  9. Chores room
    Okay this spare room idea is probably our least favourite however, you can’t argue that it wouldn’t be a great idea to have somewhere to sort, tidy and iron all the clothes that seem to mount up on a daily basis. Say goodbye to piles of clothes on the clothes horse in your bedroom or piled up in strategic locations around the house and shimmy it all away in one room so that you can sort it bit by bit when you have time. Just don’t let it be out of sight out of mind otherwise you may end up having to stay in there longer than you’d like. To make it more bearable, install a TV or dock so that you can watch or listen to take your mind off the chores.
  10. Guest room
    We’ve left this one until last as chances are this is already what you are using your spare room for, but, have you thought of transforming into a guest room with a difference? A themed room such as a bunk style room echoing that of a ship’s cabin will delight your guests and have them booking in their next stay chez nous.

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