Kick off the New Year with these 5 home improvement ideas

4th Jan, 2016

Kick off the New Year with these 5 home improvement tips

Christmas can be a challenging time of year, you’re likely still reeling from excessive consumption of chocolate, the numerous family visits and perhaps you’ve finally had enough of cheesy Christmas movies. In your post-Christmas slump you might be looking forward to the fresh start that 2016 will bring - and what better way to kick off the New Year than by giving your home some much needed “sprucing-up”? In order to help you with this we’ve put together these top 5 home improvement ideas for the New Year.


Christmas can grow your clutter immeasurably, as the endless tubs of chocolate, unwanted Christmas jumpers and the countless gadgets that will never leave the box soon add up. One relatively quick and easy way to spruce up your home is to de-clutter. Consider donating unwanted items to charities, family or friends that might appreciate it more. Also remember that there are a number of ways you can (quietly) sell those unwanted gifts such as car boot sales or on websites such as Gumtree or Ebay. When shedding your excess stuff, remember to help 

protect the environment by recycling anything unusable, you can find a list of your local recycling centres here. De-cluttering is therefore not only beneficial for your home but also for charities, family, friends, the environment and even your bank balance!

Be savvy

January presents the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a bargain. Many home stores run January sales that will help make your New Year home improvements more affordable. Shopping online will help you avoid the inevitable January crush and give you some precious time relax over the festive season.

Give your home a fresh lick of paint

Painting is an easy way to really brighten up any home. Do as much as possible without employing outside labour, this will help keep costs down and will also prevent you having to find a decorator over the festive break. If you find it’s too much to do on your own, get help off family or friends or even better, make it a fun activity whilst the kids are off school.  Take a look at these painting tips for some great ways to make your New Year’s home improvements go that little bit smoother.


Christmas is a time when your budget is likely to be stretched. This means it is even more important to budget properly. Research the cost of the improvements before you begin and always make sure you’re buying the right materials for the job. Make a good plan of the work you would like to carry out -, this should keep you on schedule and help you avoid any unnecessary costs. Doing this will also help avoid those half-finished jobs (we all have them).

Have fun

One of the most important things to remember when making home improvements during the festive season is to have fun. Take your time and avoid giving yourself too much to do in one go. A left over mince pie along the way can’t do any harm either!

Follow these 5 home improvement ideas for the New Year and start 2016 in style!


Posted by: Lovell Homes