Interior Design Ideas For 2016

19th Jan, 2016

Jane Clayton and Co work with us on a number of our show homes and marketing suites. Their inspirational designs bring our homes to life and show you exactly how good a Lovell Home can look.

With winter taking hold it’s good to have something to look forward to. Getting your hands on a new home can be the most exciting experience, and our run down of the biggest trends for 2016 should inject some Jane Clayton inspiration.

Natural textures creep into every corner, whether it’s rusty patterns, aging edges or soft feathers. Get the look with a stunning wallpaper Feather panel from Casadeco. A pale colour palette makes use of pinks, blues and peach that reflect the sky and sea. Picture a wintry seaside and bring that crumbling landscape look indoors. Scion capture this scene perfectly in their ombre Fuse fabric.

Untouched materials like cork, copper and marble are happily still right at home, continuing the industry obsession with mixed materials. There’s a move toward rounded, smooth edges on furniture that contrasts tactile products. Chunky stone bowls around the home suit this calming vibe, and you can’t go wrong with a statement mirror.


When summer hits you can be sure everyone will go Olympics crazy, so take your cues from the flags and fun. The party might be in Rio but its influence reaches our interiors with bold, clashing pinks and greens. Deep purple offsets lighter sparks of yellow and coral that are straight out of South American artwork. Clarke & Clarke have created the vibrant Chooli fabric that ticks all the trend boxes. Graphic, geometric prints like Zig by Prestigious keep it modern and inject a sense of playfulness. Keep it minimal, and use your brass and copper accessories to create a sparkling warmth.





Jane Clayton and Company Ltd

Posted by: Susie Schlesinger, Jane Clayton and Company Ltd