How to decorate your Christmas tree

2nd Dec, 2016

During the holiday season, the most celebrated centrepiece of your home is very often your Christmas tree! Follow our top tips to make your Christmas tree really shine…

Match your room’s colour scheme

Take a look around your living room or hallway, or wherever your tree (or trees) will live for the duration of the Christmas period. Pick out your favourite accent colours of those rooms to carry through to the styling of your Christmas tree. The 2016 interior design trend of metallic decor such as copper and gold lends itself beautifully to the design of your tree.

Choose 4 themes for a curated look

Choose a theme and stick to it. Having no particular plan and myriad colours and styles of baubles and decorations just won’t give your tree the edge. Instead, we love The White Company’s concept in their how to decorate your Christmas tree video of choosing no more than 4 styles of bauble to give your tree a truly curated look.

Use a blend of textures and shapes

Achieve a contemporary finish by adding texture to your tree by using a variety of ornament shapes and styles. Combine traditional spheres and more unusual shaped designs and complement them with different materials such as transparent glass, feathers or wood.  Ornaments that are too small can look cluttered so we’d recommend choosing larger sized pieces to grab the attention and create a defined look.

Start at the top          

Before your tree becomes loaded with decorations, add the crowing ornament, whether it’s a star, an angel or the big man himself then lay your tree’s fairy lights evenly around the branches. The focal point of your tree will obviously be the section that is most on show so target your decorations here and then work around the tree. Adjust branches so ornaments hang freely. Once each of your decorations have their perfect nesting place, stand back to admire and tweak as necessary.

Twinkle, twinkle

Now that you’re happy with the decorations switch on the lights for that all important annual ‘ahhh’ effect!

Finally, decorate underneath your tree

Wrapped gifts serve as gorgeous and inexpensive decorations. If you don’t have any of your Christmas gift shopping done yet, find things you have on hand, and wrap to fit your colour theme. Arrange these at the base of your tree for a designer finish.

Of course it goes without saying that we’d love to see your finished masterpieces, so please share your favourite Christmas tree photos with us on our social channels on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Merry Christmas from Lovell Homes


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