Housewarming Party Ideas

19th Jul, 2016

Once you finally have the keys to your brand new house, the next step is throwing an amazing housewarming party to celebrate! To inspire you, we’ve pulled together our top housewarming party ideas to help show off your new place and have fun with your nearest and dearest.

Housewarming party ideas

Party Planning

The key to any successful event planning is all in the detail. Take time to plan what type of housewarming party you want to throw – will it be a themed party night, do you want games, do you want people to mingle in the garden or keep them indoors, will it be a sit-down meal or finger food?

Party Invitations 

People are busy and diaries fill up fast, so we’d recommend getting your housewarming invites out at least 6-8 weeks in advance. Send reminders a couple of weeks beforehand if you haven’t heard from everyone, as you’ll need a firm handle on numbers for catering purposes. Using an online invite service like Paperless Post lets you keep track of coming.

Party Food 

Keep it simple. Nothing is more stressful than knowing a bunch of people are about to arrive and you are the sole person responsible for feeding and watering them all. It’s important that you enjoy the party too, as host you need to be relaxed and happy to make the party a memorable and successful one.

Choose simple dishes that are easy to make, but quick to impress and ensure that everyone, as well as the non-drinkers, are catered for when it comes to drinks. Check quantities against guest numbers to avoid the embarrassment of having to run down to the shop for more supplies.

Take a peek at our housewarming party food board for some inspiration.

Prep Your House 

It’s your pride and joy, your reason for throwing the housewarming party in the first place, so there are a few things to remember to do before your guests arrive. The main thing is to remove any prize possessions and treasured items far out of harm’s way so nothing gets damaged, lost or broken during the celebrations.

Secondly, ensure all bathrooms that you plan for your guests to use are fully stocked with all of the essentials and lastly organise each room depending on how you want people to use it during the party, i.e. ensure there are enough chairs or cushions where you want people to sit, arrange food and drink in the places where you want people to eat, if you have brand new carpets you may even wish to cover them so as they don’t get damaged.

Bear in mind that this is a housewarming party, so people will probably expect a guided tour at some point – so make sure every room is prepped and ready for prying eyes. Add decorations for a finishing touch and a nice room fragrance to make your house smell wonderful.

Create a Party Playlist 

You won’t have time to be playing at DJ on the day of the party so prep a playlist long before the big event to keep people happy and dancing all through the night.

Enjoy the Party

Parties are often hard work and stressful to organise, even if they are a lot of fun, so make sure that you get as involved on the night as you can with introducing people who may have only just met. Also, be sure to let people know to help themselves to food and drink, as you don’t want to spend the night waiting on people and joining in with games and dancing.

Winding Down

When the time comes that you want your beautiful house back to yourself, about 45 minutes before you’d like the last guest to leave turn up the lights a bit, serve coffee and turn the music down a notch or two. This will signal to people that the party is coming to an end and that it’ll soon be time to head home.

Thank You Cards

A few days after the party, it’s a good idea to send out thank you cards to your guests for helping you settle into your new home.

And of course one final thing, if you’ve moved into a Lovell Home, don’t forget to share any party pics with us on our social channels, we’d love to see them!

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