Haunted House Ideas

19th Oct, 2016

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or entertaining trick-or-treaters, ensure you have the spookiest house on the street with our hair-raising haunted house ideas! From devilish decorations to petrifying props, try your hand at some of these Halloween crafts.

Haunted House Decorations

Board up your windows

Simple, yet effective – nothing says abandoned abode quite like boarded up windows. Get some planks of wood – the older, the better – and put a couple over each window to transform your home into a derelict building for ghosts to haunt.

Create some window ghouls

Go a step further than boarding up your windows by placing a spooky silhouette on the other side of them. Simply find some cardboard and get creative – cut out the outline of a person for an adult Halloween party, or opt for a monster if you’ve got kids coming over. Be sure to paint each silhouette black for maximum effect!

Keep an eye on your guests

One of the quickest – and spookiest – haunted house decorations, cut eye shapes out of old cardboard tubes, like kitchen towel or toilet paper, and insert glow sticks inside. Simply tape the ends of the tubes to prevent the glow sticks falling out, then stash them around the house to watch your guests.

Cover the house with cobwebs

Instantly take your home back in time with cobwebs. All you need is some shredded cheesecloth – keep the edges rough and ragged for the best results – and hang it all over the house, particularly doorways. For extra spookiness, attach some plastic spiders or bones here and there.

Make some mummies

A little bit of mesh can go a long way – create a mummy or Frankenstein head with some deco mesh, Styrofoam, black felt and googly eyes. Embracing the cuter side of Halloween, these decorations are perfect for a children’s party.

Haunted House Props

Hang some balloons

For a more family-friendly Halloween party, get yourself some balloons – orange and black are the best colours – and hang them from the ceiling with streamers. For an spooktacular treat, add some goodies inside the balloons, like candy, and get the kids to pop them later. If popping balloons sounds like your worst nightmare, add some plastic beasties inside for decoration, instead.

Stash some demon dolls

Another idea more suitable for the older crowd, plant some demon dolls around your home to really freak your guests out. If you’ve got some old dolls lying around, simply spray paint them white and hide them in nooks to take your visitors by surprise – add some demonic red eyes for the ultimate scare.

Give your guests a hand

Take your haunted house to the next level by mounting crooked hands along the walls. Upturn the palms to hold props like poison apples or splatter the hands with blood for a gorier effect. For a spookier result, hide them in places no one will expect.

Dangle some hats

A super easy and effective haunted house prop, buy some witches’ hats – the pointier, the better – and dangle them from the ceiling with a little bit of string. Try to get the thinnest string you can, so it’s practically invisible, to make it look like the hats are floating of their own accord. For extra effect, attach some glow-in-the-dark shapes to the hats.

Bleeding candles

For a finishing touch, try making your own bleeding candles to place around the house. Get yourself some white and red candles, then simply drip the red wax over the top of the white candles. Take it that step further by piercing the candles with nails or needles for an eerie finish.


Posted by: Lovell Homes