Give your home a makeover

4th Apr, 2017

Deciding to give your home a makeover sounds like a mammoth task. However, it doesn’t have to be, and can easily make you feel like you have moved into a brand-new house. Even small changes can have a big impact.

Take a look at some of our top home makeover tips to get started…

One at a time

Things can get pretty stressful when areas of your home are turned upside down. Once you have decided on giving your home a makeover, make a plan to tackle one room at a time. Bear in mind that you may have to find storage space for items of furniture you want to move out of the way during any painting and decorating and keep high traffic areas of the house as accessible as possible so to minimise disruption to your family.

Prep, prep, prep

Use your planning time to gather décor and decorating ideas from places such as Pinterest. Create mood boards and send for free swatches of materials and paint samples to make sure that the colour scheme and textures you have opted for work in each room.


Take a second look at your existing furniture. Is there an old item of furniture that you were going to throw out as part of your home makeover that you could respray, restyle or repurpose? This will save money, help the environment and give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life. You can find some great upcycling ideas over on our Pinterest page.

Frame it!

We all love photos, and our own photos provide the perfect opportunity to totally transform a room or stairway. Buy a random collection of photo frames and get creative hanging groups of your favourite images in different frame styles.

Give your home a makeover










Look to the seasons

What could be easier than having four quick and easy room transformations every year? Adding a large vase of spring flowers or winter sprig of twigs to a dining room can instantly create a seasonal feel. Pop some seasonal fresh or dried fruit in a bowl and give any room a new feel.

Creative cushions

One of the quickest ways to add colour to a room is to add some really bright or bold patterned cushions to sofas and armchairs.

It’s easy to experiment with different colours, shapes and sizes and depending on your style, either all matching or all different cushions could work well.

Give your home a makeover











Copper craving

For 2017, copper is a favourite material. Choose copper light fittings or radiators to make a real impression throughout your home or in the kitchen, a new look can easily be achieved by adding a new copper set of saucepans and utensils or copper hanging rack on the wall.

Give your home a makeover










Follow your feet

Look down, love what you see? Don’t worry if you don’t, changing your flooring needn’t involve ripping up your floor boards. Go for a large wall to wall rug to dramatically update a room in one easy step. In your bathrooms, changing the colour-way of your mats and towels will instantly uplift the room and give it a fresh feel.

Go natural

Add some instant colour to your home by adding some large plants as feature points. Positioning an uplighter behind them can add a totally new dimension to the lighting and feel of a room. With added greenery around your home you’ll also feel much happier as many house plants come with added health benefits!

Mirror, mirror…

Once of the quickest and easiest ways to bring more light into a room is to hang a mirror. Hang an oversized mirror over the mantelpiece to give the impression of a larger room. Try hanging several mirrors together to make a feature wall. Copper, brass and metallics work well together and even a mirror on the garden wall can transform an uninspired outside nook.


We’d love to see your home makeovers so please take a moment to join the Lovell Homes community on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and share your pics with us where we’ll repost our favourites.


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