Garden Party Ideas

7th Jun, 2016

The weather is warmer, the days are longer and the schools are almost out, which can only mean one thing – summer is just around the corner! There’s no better way to enjoy the sunshine than throwing your very own garden party, whether it be a small get-together or a big shindig for the whole family. We’ve pulled together some great garden party ideas to inspire you this summer, from food to decorations to games, so you can throw the best bash in the neighbourhood.

Garden Party Food & Drink

Drinks Station

Setting up a drinks station in your garden is an absolute must for your summer party. Simply dedicate a table to host your beverages and stock it up with cups, stirrers, cocktail umbrellas – you name it! Personalise your station with homemade drinks, such as iced tea or pink lemonade, or go the extra mile with this amazing watermelon keg. A drinks station ensures everyone can help themselves to what they like when they like, meaning you don’t have to stress about keeping your guests topped up.

Finger Food

Keep rumbling stomachs at bay with a delicious range of finger food for your attendees. Whether you opt for store-bought treats or make your own, presentation is everything! Why not display cupcakes or macaroons on a colourful cake stand or line your tableware with faux flowers and leaves to create an authentic garden feel? Don’t forget about cutlery – try popping the essentials into personalised pouches for your guests to ensure nobody is left out.

Garden Party Decorations


Your choice of lights can really set the atmosphere for your garden party when the sun’s going down. Candle lanterns are a great option for creating an ambient evening glow and come in all shapes and sizes, so you can scatter them around the garden. Why not drape some fairy lights around your seating area, like dainty flower petals, or opt for some flickering candles for the tables?


Add the finishing touch to your garden tables with some gorgeous centrepieces. Be creative with your flowerpots by spraying tin cans with metallic paint or using old-fashioned jugs as vases. Get in the party spirit by filling empty glasses with small, multi-coloured balloons or go for something a bit earthier with a blanket of moss held down by pebbles down the centre of each table.

Garden Party Games

Giant Match the Card

Bring out your inner child by creating a giant Match the Card game for everyone to enjoy at your garden party. Grab some stencils or go free form, unleashing your creative side on big pieces of cardboard or cork tiles to make matching images. Make sure you create an even amount to cover your lawn and see who has the best memory at the party!

Water Balloon Spoon Race

A summery twist on the classic egg and spoon race, a water balloon spoon race is a great garden party idea guaranteed to make everyone smile. Stock up on some cheap wooden spoons from the supermarket and get yourself some water balloons while you’re at it. Fill the balloons, pop them on the spoons and see who can make it to the other side of the garden without dropping them. You can always have a good, old-fashioned water balloon fight with the leftovers!


Posted by: Lovell Homes