Cosy Room Ideas

18th Jan, 2017

There’s nothing quite like getting home and putting your feet up after a long day. The winter months can be tough, so creating a cosy sanctuary in your house is the perfect remedy for the January blues. From layering to lighting, why not try some of our cosy room ideas to transform your home into a haven?

Cosy Living Room Ideas

Binge on blankets

Blankets are the epitome of cosiness, so be sure to stock up on plenty for your home. Make your living room more inviting by displaying your blankets in a wicker basket or by making your very own blanket ladder, rather than just sprawling them over the couch.

Get crafty with cushions

Nothing says comfort like diving into a sea of cushions on your couch at the end of the day! But, don’t just settle for store bought cushions – try your hand at some upcycling and make your own pillow case from old sweaters you have in your wardrobe.

Revamp your lamps

Dimming the lights is a sure way to relax, so invest in some lamps for your living room. Even better, give your old lamps a new lease of life by spray painting them a whole new colour. Experiment with different colours to create a striking piece for your lounge (gold is our personal favourite).

Curate your candles

Candles are another way to create instant cosiness, particularly if they’re your favourite scent. But, don’t just scatter them aimlessly about the living room – gather all your candles together on a tray, for instance, and burn them together to create a warm glow. It’s cheaper than a fireplace and just as pretty!

Cosy Bedroom Ideas

Lounge on layers

Adding some layers to your bed will not only keep you cosy in the colder months, it will create an eye-catching centrepiece in your bedroom. There’s more to layering than meets the eye and there’s an art to it if you want to create the perfect bed for winter – textured blankets and cosy quilts are key!

Nestle in a nook

Even the word ‘nook’ brings comfort to mind! If you love nothing more than unwinding with a good book, then creating a cosy space to read is essential. Sometimes all you need is a big armchair and a blanket, but if you want to experiment why not invest in some floor cushions and drape a canopy over them?

Flaunt some fairy lights

Fairy lights aren’t just for the festive season – entwine them with your headboard, drape them from the ceiling or hang them on the wall to create a dazzling dormitory. If you’d like to be even more ethereal, place some net curtains in front of the lights.

Pot some plants

Add some greenery to your bedroom to create the ultimate cosy space. A few potted cacti on the windowsill or a small plant in the corner goes a long way to inspiring calm. You can always opt for artificial plants if you’d prefer!

Have we inspired you to transform your home with our simple cosy room ideas? If so, we’d love to see your creations on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!



Posted by: Lovell Homes