Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Top Tips

24th May, 2016

Believe it or not, we spend approximately 25 years sleeping throughout our lifetime! That’s a lot of time spent in our bedroom.

There’s nothing quite like turning in for the night after a busy day and finally being able to unwind in the comfort of your own bed. To help you transform your room into a tranquil paradise, we’ve put together our top bedroom decorating ideas to make your bedroom the stuff of dreams.

Top Bedroom Decorating Tips 

1. Keep it clean ‘n’ tidy

Nothing adds to stress more than having to wade through piles of clutter and clothes. If your bedroom is compact, invest in savvy storage techniques to keep stray clothes, shoes, ties, jewellery and toiletries hidden away. Dust in the bedroom can lead to breathing problems so make sure you regularly declutter your bedroom so that cleaning and dusting will be a breeze.


2. Softly, softly

Ideally your bedroom should evoke feelings of extreme comfort. Harsh lines and hard materials won’t help here, so opt for natural textures, soft fabrics and long pile carpets and let your feet sink into the softness, adding a little luxury to the end of your day. If you have an en-suite bathroom, underfloor heating can be lovely to wake up to. 


3. Not too bold

The last thing you need just as you start to count sheep is to be overwhelmed by bold patterns and bright colours. If you can’t be without colour, choose a single accent colour and keep its placement minimal. Keep the bedroom décor neutral or low-key and you’ll feel much more relaxed as you prepare for a good night’s sleep.


4. Bright light, bright light

Millions of people suffer from poor sleep every single night. Continually having a bad night’s sleep can play havoc with your health, leading to memory impairment and even accidents. If you have curtains in your bedroom then make sure they have a blackout lining to eliminate any risk of being rudely awakened by the sunrise, this is equally essential if you operate on shift work. Choose blackout blinds and if your bedroom has shutters, then ensure they either go right to the top of the window recess or install a blackout blind in-front of them too.


5. Ditch the devices

We all do it, take one more look at our smartphones before going to bed. Tempting as it is to have one more peek at your emails or social feed before bed, the light that is emitted from smartphones sends your brain into active mode and is really bad for helping you get off to sleep. The blue and white light emitted from smartphones prevents our bodies from releasing melatonin, which lets our bodies know that it is bedtime. Try to rest your eyes from your smartphone (as well as tablets and computers) for at least an hour before you go to bed. This will help to disassociate your bedroom with work and automatically send your brain into sleep-mode faster. 

Switch your phone into airplane mode and avoid the risk of being woken up with a bleep or a bong at 3am.

Clutter from cables around your bed also looks untidy and could be a trip hazard too.

Keep your eye open for plenty more tip on how to make you home fabulous on our blog and other social channels.

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