Bathroom Design Ideas

5th Jul, 2016

Bathroom design ideas | Bathroom ideas

There's no better room to unleash your imagination in than the bathroom. Don't settle for basic colours and boring patterns - experiment with some beautiful bathroom designs to add a personal touch to the most practical room in the house. We've compiled some simple bathroom design ideas to help you on your way to making your bathroom your own, regardless of size, style and taste.

Small Bathroom Ideas

Clever bathroom designs incorporate the size of the room and utilse the space accordingly. You might have always fancied his and hers sinks and a chaise longue in your bathroom, but this won't work if your washroom is a converted cupboard under the stairs.  Consider small bathroom ideas like using full-length mirrors in windowless spaces, and adding extra lighting to brighten the place up. It's sensible to opt for lighter colour shades on the walls too, a warm magnolia or cool pebble paitn will help more petite bathrooms feel more spacious. 

Large Bathroom Ideas

Similarly, a large bathroom needs to be considered carefully, as vast spaces can easily feel cold and empty. The placement of wicker or wooden furniture can make a room instantly feel cosier, and a storage chest or simple chair can be attractive, practical pieces too. If the room boasts natural light, opt for wall art over lots of mirrors, and why not add a house plant or two? In larger spaces you can afford to use deeper, richer colours, but it's worth sticking to classic, neutral shades if your bathroom is a shared space. 

Keeping Your Bathroom Beautiful

A beautiful bathroom is a real achievement, but keeping it clean is a daily necessity. Whatever style of bathroom decor you prefer; the reality is that it is functional room. Make life easier by avoiding clutter on surfaces - knick knacks might look cute, but they can make cleaning a real chore. Clearer counters and sink-sides will make cleaning simpler, plus add to the illusion of space; just give them a quick wipte regularly. 

Always keep hygiene in mind when you're considering bathroom decor. Tiles are easily cleaned and have a classic appeal, wheveras carpets, whilst comfortable underfoot, are harder to maintain and take longer to dry once wet. If you want warm toes in the morning, then perhaps think about installing underfloor heating - sure, it's a luxury but one well worth investing in. 

The addition of some intelligent bathroom storage can really maximise your space's potential and again, makes housework that little bit easier. Stackable baskets and boxes can hold cosmetics, cleaning products and other daily essentials to keep your bathroom clutter-free. 

Adding The Finishing Touches...

You don't always need to spend hundreds of pounds to improve a room - most bathrooms can be brightened up with a few affordable touches. Purchase a new shower curtain if your old one is a bit tired, or invest in a new set of towels and bathmats to make washing a more luxurious exprience. A vase of freshly cut flowers or a collection of scented candles can add beautiful colours and fragrances to any space. 

As with all home renovation, your decoration choices wil be a reflection of your own unique taste. Whether you're upgrading a large family bathroom or adding an ensuite, we hope our bathroom design ideas not only inspire, but hlep you add your own personal stamp to your home. 


Posted by: Lovell Homes